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Microbial eczema
Microbial eczema often occurs due to secondary eczematization foci pyoderma, mycoses (mycotic eczema), infected injuries, burns, fistulas (paratravmaticheskaya eczema),against the background of trophic disorders of the lower extremities with signs of trophic ulcers, lymphostasis (varicose eczema).Lesions with an often asymmetrically located, have sharp borders, rounded or scalloped outline, the periphery of which is often visible collar exfoliating the stratum corneum.The center presented a juicy erythema with plate peels, after the removal of which revealed intense weeping surface, against which are clearly visible bright red tiny dot of erosion with drops of serous fluid. Around the main focus of visible microvesicles, small pustules, seropapuly.Allergic rash (allergid) can occur far from the main chamber.

A variety of microbial eczemais the so-called coin-(nummulyarnaya), or blyashechnaya, eczema. It is characterized by the formation of sharply delineated lesions rounded shapes magnitude 1.3 cmTheir swelling and hyperemic surface states excessive wet, layering serous-purulent crusts. Most nummulyarnaya eczema localized to the upper extremities, but in some cases, the process can take common.Improper treatment of microbial eczema or trauma it is accompanied by the emergence of secondary foci of allergic rash - or mikrobidov allergid.During the progressive course of the secondary rash merge disseminiruyutsya with the formation of a large number of weeping erosive areas. In such cases, a transformation of microbial eczema true.
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